This Week’s Guest:

Assemblymember Jay Obernolte

SacTown Talks welcomes Assemblymember Jay Obernolte.

He discussed how sheltering-in-place was busier than normal for the legislature and staff and the surreal nature of social distance legislating during COVID-19. 

Nick Sanders

Nick Sanders of the Sutton Law Firm discusses what political law is and how it works, how his work has changed since the shutdown, the question of remote voting in the Assembly and Senate, how the initiative and referendum process works, which initiatives have qualified and which are likely to qualify, and how the process works.

Scott Ostlund

SacTown Talks has Scott Ostlund, Senior Vice President of Lee & Associates on the pod. Scott talks about the burden being put on commercial real estate by COVID-19, how commercial property works in CA, the split-roll initiative, and who is really harmed by raising taxes.

Tasha Certa

Mayor of Gardena, CA

SacTown Talks welcome the mayor of Gardena, CA, Tasha Cerda. Mayor Cerda talks about how she started in public service, the effect of COVID-19 on Gardena. She discusses how city government functions during the crisis, the coming revenue shortfalls do to COIVID-19, how deferring sales tax will hurt city governments, being the chairwoman of the California Cities for Self Reliance Joint Powers Authority and dealing with the state on gaming issues, sports betting, SB 1092 and the prospect of opening back up CA.

Jarhett Blonien

Jarhett Blonien


Jarhett Blonien is a seasoned California attorney with years of experience working in various levels of state government. The breadth and depth of his experience – both in the capitol and in the courtroom – give him a unique perspective to the inner-workings of California government.

Blonien has spent his career mastering the legislative process, forming relationships with key players and learning how to creatively implement successful strategies amidst a constantly evolving political landscape.

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